Our Setup

LMS Access


 When you purchase Launchcert practice tests you get much more. You'll get access to an easy to navigate Moodle learning management system where you'll find a study plan, course notes, and practice tests. Each of the study plans are designed with different knowledge and experience levels in mind!  

We don't want you to waste time studying for concepts that you're already familiar with, instead you can put your efforts where they count! 

Efficient Studying


 Once you login to the LMS for the first time, you'll notice suggested study plans for you.  The study plan will also be accompanied by course notes for each exam domain.

The course notes were created to help highlight the exam objectives for streamlined studying! 

Challenging Tests


After you've selected the study plan that makes sense for you, you'll notice weekly reviews that you can take that will warm you up.  Then, you'll have the chance to take a weekly cumulative quiz.  Both the reviews and the quiz will lead to a midterm and final exam that will really put you to the test!  

Once you've mastered the reviews, quizzes, and exam, you should be getting close to getting your certification!

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